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Bluebonnet Statement

“The Texas Millennial Institute is a nonprofit transpartisan organization, whose mission is to represent the voice of Millennials in the Lone Star State and provide infrastructure that empowers them to seek and promote ideas that lead us toward a freer Texas and ultimately a freer world.”

Tremendous strides have been made in recent history, with a proliferation of freedom such as the world has never seen before.  We live in an era unique in the course of history, and as Millennials, we must build upon the world our generation has inherited.  Humanity suffered under several millennia of crushing despotism, the inevitable corollary effects of which were short and impoverished lives. With the advancement of markets, our era is fundamentally different; incredible wealth, unlimited access to knowledge, medical advances, and more leisure time to pursue the beauty of life, along with diminishing tendencies towards racism, homophobia, and sexism, enables more people to enjoy the kind of prosperity that has been sought after by people throughout the ages. Our organization will reflect and promote the ideas and interests of Millennials, which are sorely needed in today’s political and social climate.

Coming of age in an era of polarized political movements—Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party—reflected our generation’s determination to act against the incompetence of our nation’s leaders and the corruptness of big business. Incidents such as the BP oil spill served to heighten our concern about large-scale entities with unrestrained power, just as banks that had been unfairly favored were seen as too big to fail. We hold that all businesses should have to earn their income through competition, while not benefiting from environmental destruction, back-room deals, or favoritism from government.

Competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship have allowed Texans to live incredible and comfortable lives.  Government regulations create barriers to entry that hurt the most impoverished, and corporations are given perverse incentives to lobby for handouts.  To the ideal of hard work, we remain committed, but the constant meddling of governments, with their restrictions and regulations, prevents the kind of innovation that makes our society great.

Never before has there been a generation so connected to one another, both in their immediate communities and across the globe. Through modern avenues of communication, we are able to express concern with policies that are at odds with the attitudes of Millennials, who are averse to aggressive military operations, invasions of privacy, and the punishment of victimless crimes.  Internet phenomena can spread like wildfire and create unprecedented national dialogues. For these reasons, Millennials must fight for Millennial causes, as there is no one better suited to handle the problems that face us.

To shape the world we wish to see, we must begin with cultural change—for politics too often lags behind the ideas and values of a society.  As such, our efforts to develop our civilization will concentrate on the intellectual sphere, allowing us, as a generation, to be effective advocates for meaningful change. We will make our voices heard through creation, innovation, and the bolstering of our powerful network of hard-working individuals.  We seek to give people everywhere the freedom and liberty they deserve.


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