Paul Dutton

Paul Dutton- Director of Activism

Paul is a Computer Engineering student at Texas A&M University. A native Austinite, he plays drums, cooks a mean rack of ribs, and loves audio gear. Becoming politically active around the time of the 2012 primary season, he has been involved with various groups since to help engage Millennials and to become educated about how the world works. He hopes to work in a tech co-op and stay involved in educating a growing network of inspired Texans.

Personal influences:
Benjamin Tucker, Dean Spade, Elinor Ostrom, Friedrich Hayek, Jimi Hendrix, and Franz Kafka.

Favorite acronym:
BFF, because friends are what matters!

Most important issues:
Anti-war, anti-nationalism, education, agorism, social justice.

Favorite quote about Texas:
But I think there will be little quarrel with my feeling that Texas is one thing. For all its enormous range of space, climate, and physical appearance, and for all the internal squabbles, contentions, and strivings, Texas has a tight cohesiveness perhaps stronger than any other section of America. Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is the obsession, the proper study, and the passionate possession of all Texans.”
― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America


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