Sable Levy

Sable Levy- Director of Socratic Programming

Though Sable Levy grew up in the suburbs of New York City, she feels proud to call Texas her new home.  Before leaving college to pursue careers in fiction writing and ecological design, she had been a student of Economics, English, and Psychology—though not at the same time, mind you.  She loves literature, philosophy, Romantic art, the primal/paleo lifestyle, and her beautiful Texan girlfriend.  On most days, you’re liable to find her reading a book and ostensibly working on her novel.

Personal Influences: Ayn Rand, Amy Bloom, Alexandra York, Marsha Enright, Craig Biddle, Stephen Sondheim.

Favorite Acronym: OMG, because it reinforces the idea that there is no god, because everyone simply has their own.

Most important issues: Trans rights and advocacy; ending police brutality; effecting cultural change through art and literature; dismantling the prison industrial complex; getting the government out of education, out of healthcare, out of agriculture, and just generally out of our lives.

Favorite quote about Texas: “I get from the soil and spirit of Texas the feeling that I, as an individual, can accomplish whatever I want to, and that there are no limits, that you can just keep going, just keep soaring. I like that spirit.” -Barbara Jordan


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We had a great Socratic Happy Hour last night over Alexis de Tocqueville’s essay “What Despotism Democratic Nations Have to Fear.” We’re loving these drinks and the discussion! Stay tuned on details for next month’s gathering. ... See MoreSee Less

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